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Mobile Mammography


Quick, Easy, Effective

The screening - a simple, low-dose x-ray - takes just 15 minutes and is performed in the privacy and comfort of our spacious van. Experienced, certified mammography technologists guide women through the experience, and two board-certified radiologists independently interpret the films. Patients or their physicians receive results within 48 hours.

A Name You Can Trust

 The Center for Breast Care of Boca Raton Regional Hospital is a not-for-profit organization committed entirely to education, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast disease. We perform over 10,000 mammograms each year as part of our early detection program. When cancers are detected early, survival rates are better than 95%.

Always A Location Near You

Thanks to the participation of civic and community organizations, condominium associations,
shopping centers and various employers who call to reserve the Mobile Mammography Van,
this early detection "facility-on-wheels" makes stops throughout the area year-round.

Employer Benefits

Mobile mammography vans not only save the lives of thousands of women,
they also save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Less absenteeism. Cancers that are detected early usually require less extensive medical treatment and thus far fewer days away from work

Greater productivity. A mammogram takes just 15' minutes. In the same time as an average coffee break an employee can have a potentially life-saving mammogram. If she scheduled the same test in a hospital or center, she could be gone from work at least two hours.

Reduced Short and long-term disability pay. Early detection can help employers avoid or reduce disability expenses.

Lower insurance premiums. Early-stage costs an average of $11,000 to treat late-stage breast an average of $143,000. more costly the greater likelihood that emplyer insurance premiums increase.

Enhanced Employer/Employee Relationship. Many appreciate the opportunity, to participate in health screenings such as mobile mammography while at work.


Dedicated to community outreach and breast care education, the Center for Breast Care together with
The Women's Center of Boca Raton Regional Hospital offer Palm Beach County's only Mobile Mammography Van.
This state-of-the-art, 34-foot van is equipped with the most advanced equipment and certified mammography technologists,
making early detection available to women throughout the area.
Women who realize that mammography can detect breast abnormalities often two years before they can be felt in a physical exam
are embracing the benefits of the Mobile Mammography Van. It is a simple, convenient, cost-effective screening opportunity.

Call (561) 955-5000 to learn more about our Mobile Mammography Van.

690 Meadows Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33486
(East of I-95, just south of Glades Road)
(561) 955-5000

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