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Body Imaging Cases


Helical CT scanning allows acquisition of volumetric data (rather than single slices). Data can be post processed for reformation into other planes, surface display, and blood vessel delineation (CT angiography).

Illustrative cases:

This patient is post disc fusion at L4/5 and L5/S1. The 3-D surface reconstruction shows widely patent bony neural foramina.

This patient had pain radiating to both legs. The sagittal reformatted imagesdemonstrate soft tissue filling both L4/5 neural foramina suggesting disc material while the bony surface display imagesalso confirm severe left bony foraminal stenosis at L4/5.


Real-time, stereo 3D Helical CT

<The newest, state-of-the-art volume CT imaging>

<Virtual Colonoscopy>

MR Cholangiography (MRCP)

MRI performed with subsecond image acquisition allows for non-invasive assessment of the biliary tree. In this case, a small distal CBD stone was suspected on the projection image and confirmed on the 4mm oblique sagittal section. The risks of ERCP including pancreatitis can be avoided and MRI can substitute in the diagnostic work-up of biliary disease.